Adult Book Bingo 2021

Adult Book Bingo 2021
June 18-September 1
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1.Read a book in the categories on the board and mark your progress online.

2.Completing a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line, or each of the four corner squares is a Bingo.

3. The more bingo combinations you get the more entries into the raffle.

4. One book per square!

5. Please write down the titles we will ask to see your board!

6. First prize is a Kindle Paperwhite, Second and Third Prizes gift certificate to local

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Print Bingo Board here

In case you need suggestions for categories here are some links below:

Bingo 2021-Set in NYC

Bingo 2021-Beach read

Bingo 2021-Best Seller

Bingo 2021-Book with one word title

Bingo 2021 A Romance

Bingo 2021 Summer in the Title

Bingo 2021-Book about Friendship

Bingo 2021-Current NYT best seller

Bingo 2021-Mystery or Thriller

Bingo 2021-Books set outside of USA

Bingo 2021-Book made into more or TV series

Bingo 2021-Nonfiction

Bingo 2021-Book that made you laugh

Bingo 2021-Debut novel

Bingo 2021-Historical Fiction

Bingo 2021-Flower in title or on cover

Bingo 2021-Memoir

Bingo 2021-National Book Award winner

Bingo 2021-Audiobook

Bingo 2021-Classic you never read

Bingo 2021-Tearjerkers

Bingo 2021-Pulitzer Prize Winner