High School Writing Contest 2017

High school writing contest 2017


Congratulations to this year’s winners of the 2017 Writing Contest.
Picture:Winners & Judges: Margaret Scott, Abigail Bayuk, Gabi Sussman, Davie Loria, Beau Brookman, Paula Desperito, Maureen McManus. Missing:Lucas Janszky, Mairead Kilgallon, Grace Greenwald

2017 Winners Fiction Category
First Place….Grace Greenwald for “The Woman Who Did Not Know”
Second Place ….Mairead Killgallon for “The Man Who Walked In The Light”
Third Place….Davie Loria for “Unnamed”

2017 Winners Nonfiction Category
First Place….Lucas Janszky for “ISIS: the Spawn of War”
Second Place….Abigail Bayuk for “Fading”
Third Place….Gabi Sussman for “Dear Future Self”
Honorable Mention…Beau Brookman for “Sushi Scene”