Friends Poetry Contest

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2016 Poetry Contest Award Winners-click links to read poems

6-8 year olds

1st place                          Joely D’Eletto                           Ghost

2nd place                         Ava Shuster                             Summer, Unpack

3rd place                          Liam Tarpey                            Summer

9-10 year olds

1st place                          Lily Paige                                  Silent Transitions

2nd place                         Caitlin Kaufman                     Hidden Waterfall

3rd place                          Mia Jacobson                         A Path to the Grass

11-13 year olds

1st place                          Nicolas Kychenthal                One Less Life

2nd place                         Alexander Patti                      The Obilivion

3rd place                         Walton Burdick                      Poem

15-17 year olds

1st place                          Rachael Holladay                   Slaps

2nd place                         Josh Karas                              Blank Slate

3rd place                          Warren Kennedy Nolle        Pony Points of Interest